Hiring Virtual Assistant


Hiring virtual assistant is a great starting point for your business idea. Is by using digital tools to help you find the assistance you need. Start by using EcomWeb VA-Ecommerce Virtual Assistant and do  for referrals for a VA. Take your business and develop a virtual assistant business to help entrepreneurs with their work, so your virtual assistant team can work from home for you business .  We have been doing work for clients and offering a great range of services. like Online Research, Email Management, Marketing & Advertising, Website Design, Social Media, Calls & Appointments, Book Keeping, Email Assistant, Appointments, Project Management, Website Development ,Graphic Designer, Customer Support and more which all you need to grow your business on the top level of success.

You can hire our virtual assistant top  professional services our virtual assistants on a part-time, full-time, basis to help with business  tasks. We have been Offering services as a virtual assistant to local businesses and you’ll be able to control your own schedule. Our services  skills are  growing your each type of business and more will make you the perfect business! .We have been offering services to small businesses too  as virtual assistants. We are help small businesses by our dedicated virtual assistant team management. Online businesses and entrepreneurs are always in need of our hiring virtual assistants to help with tasks such as research, email management, website design, social media marketing and more. EcomWeb VA-Ecommerce Virtual Assistant, hiring virtual assistant services has been created  a great trust among our global world clients. 

Hiring Virtual Assistant Is To Much Beneficial For All Types Business To Grow On The Top Level Of Success

Hiring virtual assistants, is new technology that has recently appeared and is experiencing unprecedented development, driven by the virtual assistants. Our Services are conversational whose particularity is their ability to hold a conversation with the user completely autonomously. Hiring of virtual assistants are numerous and this technology is beginning to find a place in companies to improve customer relationship management. Due to the impressive development that digital is experiencing and its influence on customer habits, giving them an important place is proving to be obvious. What is the interest of the use of virtual agents in our company in terms of managing relations with consumers or users. EcomWeb VA-Ecommerce  are the real beneficial service of virtual assistants for your business.

Hiring Virtual Assistant: The Availability Of Customer Support

Hiring virtual assistants is the fact that it makes the company more available to the customer. Even when working hours and days are over. The consumer can therefore have information when he wants without any restriction. Virtual assistants  are available 24/7.To retain a client, it is important to offer a service before, during and after acquisition. Before the purchase, the virtual assistant allows the consumer to have reliable information and to be reassured about the product presented to him. After the customer makes the purchase, the our virtual assistants  play the role of customer support and assist with customer-level issues to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Hire Shopify virtual assistants.


Hiring Virtual Assistant Allows Personalized Service For Each Client

Hiring virtual assistants is very important for your business, the benefits of virtual assistants is the personalization of customer support. To give adequate and convincing answers to the customer, the hired virtual assistants  take into account the task existing in his request, but also the situation in which he finds himself. These conversational agents have an artificial intelligence that allows them to identify tasks, but also to determine the context in which the problem is posed. Thus, they will be able to give answers really adapted to the requests. The consumer can easily find the results of his requests such as information on the company, on the products or services that it markets, etc.

Top Reasons to Get a VA

Save Money

Virtual Assistant saves you money big time and will let you focus on tasks that are more important and worth your time.

Save Time

Virtual Assistant can save you 1 productive day per week. You could use that time making more sales or connecting with more people.

Work & Life Balance

Using services of a virtual assistant will help you keep a health balance in your work and personal life leading to great Work Experience.

More Responsive Customer Service Thanks To The Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the virtual assistant, exchanges with customers are automated: this is the advantage of a virtual agent in terms of responsiveness. He is in charge of giving immediate answers when customers make requests. When it is placed on a web platform or combined with an instant messaging application, the customer can access it more easily and obtain answers adapted to these requests in record time. It therefore removes long waits and improves the customer experience.

The Virtual Agent Enables Optimal Lead Management

To produce, qualify and transform leads into sales, the virtual assistant  is an indisputable partner. With the exchanges carried out with the customer, it is possible to determine what is his interest in such client is requirement or service and makes it possible to have data on what he wants and what he prefers. Moreover, the involvement of these virtual assistants, to give information whenever customers ask questions or request information, makes it possible to obtain purchases from them. When the customer gets the ideal answers to their queries, they are more driven to make a purchase. The strategy to adopt is to establish a personalized plan that will push the lead from one point to another towards a transformation. The virtual assistant is therefore very useful for both the client and the company. It even allows to have added value for the company since it helps to find and keep the customer.

The Virtual Assistant At The Service Of The Productivity Of Sales Agents And Customer Advisers

Sales agents and customer support professionals can use virtual assistants as a fulcrum for a better workflow. The bot can help agents better manage their availability, perform check-ins and notify them when there are appointments. It can also be used to forward important calls to customers at certain times. These virtual assistants  are very useful for customer support technicians as they help them handle all incoming queries properly. They can take part of the calls in order to lighten the load for the technicians who take care of the customer support. Thus, our professionals can concentrate on much more important missions in order to provide solutions to allow the development of the company. They thus focus on requests that have a high added value. Our hired virtual assistant  takes care of instantly distributing customer calls according to the service they requested or according to the disposition of customer assistants.

You Will Get The Biggest Advantages To Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Virtual assistant (or remote secretary) service or hire a “real” secretary/assistant? Before answering this question, I invite you to reflect on some factors, such as advantages and price comparison of each option. Hiring  virtual  assistant with a formal contract under the CLT regime, who will work daily in your company, is the oldest and most traditional way that still serves many companies in USA. A hired assistant can provide face-to-face service to customers, partners or suppliers. Organization and maintenance of physical documents. Allows you to focus on your business, leaving other operational activities under your responsibility.

 Cost Reduction

It is a fact that, for the self-employed and the micro entrepreneur, the infrastructure represents a high cost. In this way, the virtual assistant becomes an excellent option for not requiring physical space, since your hired virtual assistant will meet all demands in the comfort of your home (and so will you!). Hiring the AV does not constitute an employment relationship and, therefore, does not bring social charges and complementary costs such as transport, food.

Availability 24/7

If your business requires full-time service, you can have virtual assistants 24/7. 24-hour service is no longer a privilege for large businesses, as the virtual secretary service currently allows this functionality, in addition to significantly reducing on-call costs (technicians or support), labor risks and even the unavailability of service outside hours commercial transactions, which can occur to any business.

 Time Saving

Your AV won't waste hours and energy in traffic because it will be just a few steps away from your private office. Therefore, he will have more time, energy and focus to work on the results outlined in his planning, consequently having better performance in the execution. Much is said about optimal workload and how a professional can be more efficient just by reducing their time on the job. Since AV works anywhere with internet access, this makes the process uncomplicated as it doesn't have to deal with the chaos of the streets, unproductive co-workers, distractions and additional tensions. When you hire an AV,

 Focus On Results

Which is preferable: hiring a virtual  assistant on the job, with little or no demands at certain times (and getting paid for it!), or an AV committed to fulfilling previously established objectives and goals, focused on results and delivery time, since he wants you to be satisfied with the services for a new project in the future?

Our Company  Have Access The Best Virtual Assistant From Anywhere In The World

Are you in Rio de Janeiro and, therefore, will you have to limit the selection of people to a certain distance from your company? Reflect how much you are missing out on. As it is an executable work from a computer with internet, your AV can be anywhere in Brazil or the world. Therefore, you will have the option to select the best professionals (in the world!) to add to your project.

Total Focus On The Business Strategy

We know in business  some are self-employed and do everything: customer service, support, finance, sales, etc., it becomes much more difficult to focus when you are in a meeting with a customer or supplier, as the phone/mobile can (and certainly will) ring with some emergency or task that could be delegated (but wasn't!) and you won't be able to attend. These are simple examples of different situations that can occur and you, consequently, will not be able to give the necessary attention to (potential) customers, and even to personal matters, because you do not have low-cost support. That unintelligent “economy” that reminds us of the popular saying: “cheap is expensive”. Don't want to learn in practice like Some  businessmen has learnt.

On-Demand Employment Contract Of VA

You don’t have to hire a part-time/full-time employee and wait for tasks to come up. Of course, there are cases where you will need to keep your virtual assistant fixed on your projects depending on your activities demand. You will not need to continue paying your virtual assistant after the tasks are completed. This doesn’t mean that your virtual assistant will be unemployed or that they won’t be able to resume work when it’s needed again. In the meantime, your AV will be acquiring new experiences with other projects and also investing time in training and leisure.

If after reading these points you are not convinced that hiring a Virtual Assistant is the best option to take you to the next level, we can schedule a meeting and find out together how we can help you by offering your first task.

These are many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for your business. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but very few, namely: the AV will not be able to perform some activities that are normally done in person, such as customer service and/or suppliers and partners on site; physical file organization, tasks related to workplace maintenance such as purchasing office supplies, appliance maintenance services, etc.


The decision for which option to hire is a very personal one. As mentioned, there are some activities that a virtual assistant cannot do. It is possible that one complements the other . If you are Businessman and do not need physical space, or if you have a small space that is not in high demand, consider whether it is worth it to hire an assistant who will stay in your space and have this high cost, or to hire one (or several) virtual assistants.

Having a physically hired assistant is indispensable for businesses with greater demand for local service . In those cases where there is already a physical assistant at the reception of your company, what should be taken into account when hiring other assistants is whether it is possible to reduce your costs by hiring a service such as the Virtual Executive Advisory , which absorbs some tasks and leave your assistant (or secretary, receptionist) to do the local and reception tasks that are really important for him to do.

Get Your Own Highly Skilled Virtual Assistant.

Ecomweb VA is the go to company of successful people. Your very own Assistant will handle time consuming tasks such as social media, research, graphics, audio/video, website maintenance, lead gen or finding the best deals on your travel. We provide Virtual Assistants (VAs) are extremely skilled and experienced consultants eager to help you and your business skyrocket to success. At Ecomweb VA you will get VA that are hired after careful examination of their skills and ability.

This can be a beautiful new beginning for your Business

We Can help you with

Online Research

Our Virtual Assistants will get you up and running with online research tasks so that you can focus on the matters beyond research.

Email Management

Managing client emails is quite hectic and is often hurdle in getting the daily job done. Our VAs are expert in email management.

Marketing & Advertising

Every business needs Marketing and Advertisement. Virtua VA can be the perfect solution.

Website Design

Every successful business is backed up by their online presence and a website with a good design. VA can help in numerous aspects for website design.

Social Media

Friends, Likes, Followers, Posts, Comments, Pokers, Tweets, Pins, where has my time gone? We will take our time to help you get back more of yours!

Calls & Appointments

Virtua can help streamline the appointments by providing VAs that are expert in handling phone calls, inquiries and appointments

Website Design

Every successful business is backed up by their online presence and a website with a good design. VA can help in numerous aspects for website design.

Social Media

Friends, Likes, Followers, Posts, Comments, Pokers, Tweets, Pins, where has my time gone? We will take our time to help you get back more of yours!

Calls & Appointments

Virtual can help streamline the appointments by providing VAs that are expert in handling phone calls, inquiries and appointments.

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Our team members are detail-oriented, very skilled and effective at ensuring your tasks are DONE! That is why over hundred of businesses and professionals choose Ecomweb VA every month. You get your own assistant who works on your tasks every day so you can invest your time in what actually grows your business or relax few extra hours with the family. All our Virtual Assistants have minimum of 3 years digital marketing experience and care about your business, just like you do, every single day.